Four Supreme Court Nominations for President Trump

The terrifying news tonight is one great man died, and what is left of the Republic is in jeopardy. Justice Scalia was everything a SCOTUS justice ought to be. The power usurped by the Supreme Court has been one that fundamentally makes a mockery of having a republic as a form of government. Once the left realized they could use the Supreme Court to bypass public opinion  and the constitutional amendment process, they have used it as yet another tool to fulfill their agenda. Since Lochner was overturned in 1937, upholding existing rights for individuals have been the only victories for the right. The left, on the other hand, have seen the invention of rights and powers for the government out of thin air. This mockery must end if we are to ever return to a functioning republic.

Let’s imagine a future where McConnell gives into the Democrats and allows the appointment of another left-wing judge to the Supreme Court bent on destroying our fundamental rights. Let’s imagine this issues in Trump as President. Beleaguered Republicans, still holding onto the Senate, vow to push through any agenda he decides. Trump orders the Senate to kill the fillibuster and to appoint his nominees to the Supreme Court. That’s right, its time to pack the Court in order to kill the Supreme Court’s legitimacy. That will destroy its ability to make these awful decisions by turning the body into a mockery. This is all perfectly constitutional, of course

Chief Justice Ted Cruz

Sorry, John Roberts has screwed things up enough with his awful decisions on Obamacare. There’s nothing saying he can’t be demoted from Chief Justice, so I think Ted Cruz should get the job. Roberts, of course, stays on as an associate Justice. That is only because this plan follows the Constitution, unlike Supreme Courts from the past century.

Justice Ted “The Nuge” Nugent

He’d be the first Supreme Court justice to wear cut sleeves on his robes. Is there a surer vote for the security of our 2nd Amendment rights? I thought not. After the National Review finishing purging him from the NRA board, he’ll need a landing spot.

Justice Ron Paul

A bit long in the tooth, but nevertheless, no one could be better trusted to maintain strict adherence to the Constitution as written. With this course, it will only take a year or two to undo the horrible decisions of the past century. At least you know if he errs, it will be on the side of too much individual liberty, too many rights for states and too few powers for government. That would be a great change of pace.

Justice Tim Tebow

It is important to have people on the Supreme Court with an unshakeable commitment to their faith, and Tebow certainly has that qualification. He’d have decades to establish himself as the utmost defender of religious liberty the nation has ever seen.

Supreme Court 2017, Scalia is still there because he was a great man and if I could find a way to put 9 of him on the Supreme Court, I would

If that is not enough to turn the court in a direction which will achieve the kind of change we so desperately need, I have several more candidates to consider: Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris, and Vince McMahon.

Only by appointing a majority justices who will overturn the eight decades of arbitrary and capricious Supreme Court rule over our nation will we be able to return to the constitutional republic we once were. Choose the right men for then job.


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