Six Months Later: How Gorilla Mindset Has Changed My Life

Six months ago I was first introduced to the work of Mike Cernovich, author of various websites, most notably Danger & Play. Upon reading his work, I decided to read his book, Gorilla Mindset. The book is, in short, a set of techniques that work towards a common goal: asserting control over the things that make you an individual: your mind, your body, and your deeds. The book starts with an extended look at controlling your emotions and your thoughts. It moves on how to harness those good thoughts before switching tacks. A focus on body and health topics follows before finishing with personal finance and productivity.


Upon reading it, it seems like a book full of great ideas that are almost overwhelming to try out in your own life. It is hard to judge the true value of a book like Gorilla Mindset until you’ve seen what it does for your life over time. That’s what this article is going to focus on: where Gorilla Mindset has directly led to improvements in my own life.

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Review of “Cuckservative”

I have been anticipating “Cuckservative” written by John Red Eagle and Vox Day since it was first announced. The book was intended to be a provocative attack on the conservative movement. “Cuckservative” provides that in strides.

The book promises and delivers a thorough take-down of the conservative movement’s response to the immigration reform of 1965, which has changed and will change America in the future; and not in a way that maintains the traditional rights of Englishmen, promotes laissez-faire capitalism or maintains Christian culture.

The focus on immigration clearly serves a larger purpose. The entire conservative movement is indicted in “Cuckservative”, and the immigration issue serves to put the authors in a position to undermine the entire movement. It is, in military terms, an example of infiltration tactics in political rhetoric.


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